053: Life or Death Emergency Preparedness

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If authorities knocked on your door and gave you only 30 minutes to evacuate – what would you take? Today’s episode is a special rebroadcast of one of our most popular episodes. With wildfires raging on the west coast and a very busy hurricane season already well underway threatening the east coast, our attention once again goes to the horror of these disasters. “Life or Death Emergency Preparedness – What to Grab?” shares valuable lifesaving information that we all should be aware of.

About this episode: In this wide-ranging discussion, Patti talks with some of her top employees at Key Financial about their plans for handling a Life or Death situation, whether it’s a natural disaster or civil unrest. Eric Fuhrman, Jenifer Meehan, Michael Brennan, and former Army Ranger, Kristopher Thompson all join Patti and share their insights on the items that they would grab first. They also detail some of the things they would do to survive a crisis that could last for several days or even several weeks. Do you know what a LifeStraw is? Tune in to find out because the information contained in this podcast could literally save your life!

By Patti Brennan 09/11/2020 06:00 AM

Sponsored by Key Financial, Inc.

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